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Cumulative account

Use your cumulative account at Urbo Bankas before registering a new company

Quick and convenient opening of a cumulative account

Open an account 24/7 from anywhere in the world

Confirmation by e-signature

Open a cumulative account and form the authorised capital of a new company electronically

How do I open a cumulative account?

Apply for company registration
Log in to the self-service system of the State Enterprise Centre of Registers and submit an application to register your company in the Register of Legal Entities.
Choose Urbo Bankas to open your account
Choose Urbo Bankas to open a cumulative account and submit an application for a cumulative account.
Sign the agreement
Once the bank receives the data, it will prepare an agreement, which you will have to sign with an e-signature via the bank’s system. After signing the agreement, the bank will open a cumulative account into which you have 15 days to transfer the share capital.
Complete the company formation process
Once the bank has informed the State Enterprise Centre of Registers of the accumulated authorised capital, you will be able to complete the process of setting up your company. To convert your cumulative account to a settlement account, please visit your nearest bank branch.

Deposit account

Use the funds in the account on a fiduciary basis!


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Convenient transactions via online or mobile banking

How do I open a deposit account?

At our branch
You can open a deposit account with Urbo Bankas by visiting your nearest bank branch. Arrange an appointment in advance, at a time convenient for your company’s manager or a person authorised by him/her.
Submit an application
At the bank’s branch, you will be asked to present your ID card or passport, the documents of the legal entity and read the Rules of Payment Services.
Sign the agreement
You will fill in an application form for the account (in the application, you must specify the name and article of the law of the Republic of Lithuania under which you are entitled to have a deposit account) and then, you will sign the account agreement

Frequently asked questions

A savings account is an account for the purpose of forming the authorised capital of the Customer, the legal entity to be established (for the purpose of accumulating initial cash contributions).

Deposit (trust) account is opened only for the statutory customers for the safekeeping and management of funds entrusted to them by other persons, where these funds remain the property of the persons who entrusted them.

A savings account with Urbo Bank may be opened by the founder of the company or a person authorised by the founder.

A deposit account is opened for persons who, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania, may hold funds of third parties as deposits or in trust.

The account can be opened for:

  • Lawyers and notaries;
  • Bailiffs, courts and prosecutor offices;
  • STI, Customs departments;
  • Financial brokerage firms, banks and other credit institutions.

To open a deposit account, legal persons must have an Urbo Bank account in their name.

A savings account can be opened:

  • At a bank branch on presentation of the documents required by the bank;
  • Electronically via the State Enterprise Centre of Registers.

Once the company is registered, you can convert your savings account into a bank account by visiting your nearest bank branch (insert link to list of departments here)

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