Rent of individual safe deposit boxes

Entrust us with the safekeeping of your important documents, cash, or other tangible valuables!

Reliable protection 24/7

Confidentiality guaranteed

Privacy when handling the contents of a safe deposit box

How do I rent a box?

At our branch
You can rent an individual safe deposit box at the Kaunas branch (Donelaičio g. 76, Kaunas) or the Klaipėda branch (Minijos g. 90, Klaipėda) of Urbo Bankas.
Sign the rental agreement
Once the rental agreement has been signed and the rental fee has been paid, an employee of the bank will see you to the vault room and issue you a key to your individual safe deposit box.
Start using safe deposit box
To use the safe deposit box, you will need to present your safe deposit box key and proof of identity to the bank staff each time.

Frequently asked questions

Urbo Bankas rents out safe deposit boxes with two locks. One key is held by the customer and one – by the bank. Both keys are used to unlock the safe deposit box.

The rented safe deposit box can be used by you and persons authorised by you.

To rent a safe deposit box, please present your ID card or passport.

If you wish to conclude a safe deposit box rent agreement on behalf of another person, you will be required to present a notarised power of attorney.

Safe deposit boxes are installed in a vault room of the bank, where your valuables will be kept safe 24/7.

The bank’s vault is equipped with a room where you can view the contents of the safe deposit box or add items to the box without being disturbed.